Hi, I'm SJ-image

Hi, I'm SJ

I'm based in New York City.

I'm currently pursuing a Master's in Computer Science at NYU. I'm passionate about Generative AI and Blockchain. I spend my free time bouldering, playing the piano, and reading LLM research papers on arXiv.

I aspire to advance mankind with technology.


Why me?

I am an avid developer and explorer in the fields of Web3 and AI, with a special interest in Natural Language Processing, especially Large Language Models. With over 6 years of programming experience, I am proficient in writing smart contracts and training Machine Learning and Deep Learning models.

  • Location:New York City
  • Interests:Bouldering, Traveling
  • Nationality:Singaporean
  • Employment:Self-employed
  • Study:New York University
  • Languages:English, Chinese, Korean

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